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Metal-Free Crowns

A Crown Restores a Damaged Tooth

Tooth Colored Crowns Morristown TNTeeth worn by age, damaged by nighttime grinding, or broken by trauma will need more than a simple filling to restore full functionality. When this occurs, a crown may be the perfect solution for repair, because it can save and even add strength to the damaged tooth. Also known by patients as a “cap,” a crown is custom made to surround your damaged tooth. The structure provides stability and prevents further damage, and the porcelain adds beauty and a natural appearance.

First, Dr. Leach prepares your tooth by removing the outer surface. A mold is sent to a specialty dental laboratory to create your permanent crown, along with information about what shade will most closely match your other teeth. We’ll supply you with a temporary crown while the custom crown is created of strong, beautiful, all-porcelain materials. This means the crown will look the most natural of all crown options, with no metals to show either in the shade of the tooth or as a dark line along the gumline. When the new crown comes in, we’ll bond it permanently into place.

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